About us

Archie Pelago is dynamic and visionary. A very talented and experienced photographer based in Davao City, he has worked all over the metro and beyond, and catered to various photo and video needs.

He started as a young photographer, freelancing for various well-known photography studios in Davao.

Having established a name and reputation of his own, anyone can now avail of his professional expertise through his very own studio aptly called "Archie Pelago Picturista". Some of his skillfully crafted photos may be seen in his website.


To capture moments and preserve them through photography and videography in Davao city and to offer excellent quality service.


Wonderful memories that transcend time and age.

3 Core Values: Creativity, Professionalism, and Passion.

Creativity. We assure artistic and creative outputs to delight and satisfy our valued clients.

Professionalism. We are composed of a highly professional, efficient, and diligent creative team.

Passion. We value each of our projects and we do our best to deliver what is expected of us.

Rest assured, that Archie Pelago and the Archie Pelago Picturista team are here to serve you only the best as that is what you deserve.

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